Wife swapping

Exchanging sexpartners

Wife swapping is a term, which is still used frequently on a lot websites about swinging. Wifeswapping refers to the swinging lifestyle, but is actually not such a good word in our opinion, because the men are swapped as well between the women, so better call it partner swapping or sexpartner swapping instead. Because that is what is actually happening. All persons involved exchange their partner to have sex with the partner of someone else. The event of swapping is what’s actually going on during a swingers date. That means, it if clicks between the two couples and they like to have sex with each other. This is what swinging is all about. We will give you an example.

Swingers Date Example Wife Swapping

In Cap d'Agde, every year in summer tens of thousands of swingers gather together to have fun. It is by far the biggest and best swingers vacation resort on the planet. To make this example easy to understand, we have kept it simple and we only described a swingdate which took place between two couples, while in reality in Cap d’Agde a lot of dates involve more than two couples.

Peter and Kate from New York have met a lovely couple from Paris, this afternoon on the nude beach of Cap d’Agde. After a nice chat on the beach, they have agreed to meet in the holiday rental apartment of JeanLuc and Marie at 23:00 (11:00 P.M). It is not their intention to have dinner together, nor are they coming for a drink only. The reason of their visit is that they want to have sex together, and they will be swapping partners. They already know exactly, how the other couple looks naked, because they have looked at their naked bodies already for hours from different angles, during their stay on the nudist beach and they liked it a lot.

Some people, who know very little about swinging, actually believe that all 4 persons have sex together. Meaning that everyone is having some kind of sex with the other three persons involved. This can be in the case if all four people are bisexual, but this is very rare. So who has sex together?

Who is swapping with whom ?

In this example above with the American couple and French couple, you could say they are wife swapping. To make this visual, it could happen that Kate is standing up and walks to JeanLuc to play with him and Marie is going to Peter to do the same. But just as easily you can imagine the men could take the initiative and it is Peter who goes to Marie to flirt with her, while JeanLuc goes to Kate trying to seduce her. So should we call it men swapping now?

What is important to know that during a swingers date the goal is that the French Couple and American Couple swap or exchange their sexpartner. That is the purpose of swinging. In the end if all goes well, Peter will be fucking Marie and JeanLuc will have sex with Kate. That is what swinging and “wife” swapping is all about.

Beside the fact that the males and the females will (try to) fuck the opposite sex of the other couple, it happens frequently that they is also a form of sex with the own partner. This could be as sort of foreplay to break the ice. You can start by undressing your own partner and begin playing with each other, while the other couple does the same and after a while the male exchanges positions. So in this case Peter will take over the role of JeanLuc and vice versa. You see this a lot with newbie swingers, who don’t know how to start.

Also it is not uncommon behavior that the women start together without the men. Especially if the women are both bisexual, this could be an important part of the interaction between the two couples. This women's play can also take place later on, while they are being fucked by the men.

In the swingers lifestyle a lot of women are bisexual of bicurious, but not all of them. Some females don’t mind to have a little bit of oral sex with other females but prefer a man as the main dish, while others don’t like to have sex with women at all. But based on 20 years of experience in the lifestyle, our estimation is that more than 50%, the women who are active in the swingerscene, are bisexual of bicurious and in Western Europe even more.

Men are not likely to have sex with each other, the number of bisexual man in the swingers scene is not high. So the change during a date that both men are bisexual, is relatively small.

Full swap swingers

It is also good to know that in the sample above, both couples are full swap swingers. There are also swingers, who don’t have intercourse with another couple. Take a look at our page where the different types of swinging are explained.

On this page you can also learn what will be happing if the example is a far more complicated and there will be more than two couples. Because you don’t have to swing with only one couple there could be many more people involved in a multiple swap and then you can easily lose track of who is having sex with whom.

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