How do you recognize swingers?

Recognition of swingers

As we have shown on our page which people are swinging, you can find swingers anywhere. Independent of social status, weight, height, appearance, nationality, skin color, and in the age of 18 till 75. This means that almost any person could be a swinger and any adult couple could potentially be a swingerscouple. But it can be quite a challenge to recognize swingers.

How many people are swingers?

Research has shown that about 1.5 to 2% of all adult people swing. But it is very difficult to see which two percent of the population are actually swingers. Swingers don't wear a T-shirt or cap, which openly says: we like to have sex with other couples and we do so every month. Also this is not something you discuss at the birthday party of your boss or during the Christmas dinner with your in-laws.

Swinger signs

In short, it can be quite difficult to recognize other swingers. And as far as we know, there are no subtle signals by which swingers recognize each other. Once in a while some swingers community launch something new like a bracelet, decorative pin or brooch, but none of them are a real big hit. Around eight years ago, for example, a community tried something with a swingers button, but that didn't really turn out to be a success. Probably because the chance of recognition by non-swingers was too high.

SDC also launched an bracelet, which both partners can wear, but this only works in places where you can expect swingers. First of all the bracelet is very ugly, so you don’t want to wear it in normal life. Secondly it says the name of the website, so anyone can Google it and find out you are swingers.
Basically you can only wear this if you go to an erotic party or swingersclub. But in here, you don’t need a stupid sign, because you are surrounded by swingers everywhere. The only advantage could be, that you can make contact a little easier, if another couple is also wearing a bracelet of the same community. But in normal life this bracelet can’t be used and therefor it is rather useless.

In other words, there are no good signs and everyone you know could theoretically be a swinger. Maybe that shy secretary can be found in a swingersclub with her friend every weekend, or those bourgeois, super boring neighbors go sexpartying every year during their vacation for three weeks in a swingers resort. People you'd never expect to be swingers can turn out to be very wild sex animals. Both very introvert and very extrovert people and everything in between, can be wife swapping fans. You can't say for sure, who is swinging and who is not.

Recognition of swingers

But still, if you are active a bit longer in this lifestyle, you can get a little bit feeling for it. Sometimes if you see certain people you immediately think, those could be swingers.
Maybe it is because the way they are dressed, the way they talk, some secretive, horny shining in their eyes or a mysterious satisfied smile they have, when they are thinking of the orgy they had last weekend. But again, you can't say with 100% certainty. Maybe you are imagining things or it is just wishful thinking.
Perhaps it is even a good thing, that it is not easy to spot swingers. Because people would be able to spot you easily too. Would you like that ? If your fellow workers, family or neighbors would be able to recognize you as swinger. Most probably not.

Swinger apps

So is it impossible to recognize other swingers in public?
No there is something which might come in handy. In this age of fast mobile internet and smartphones some swinger communities have made apps to help you. SDC has something similar as gaydar for swingers. You can’t download it at the appstore because of the erotic content, but if you go to their website and become a free member you can download it. Sometimes it can help you to find and recognize other swingers in the wild.

On the other hand you can ask yourself the question, is it really important to recognize swingers in normal life, when you are quite busy with everyday tasks ? We think it is much more important to get in contact with other swingers at the moment you want to.

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