Swingers Holiday Cap d’Agde

Cap d'Agde Swinger vacations

What is Cap d'Agde?

Cap d'Agde is a village in France, which is very popular with tourists in the summer. Part of this village is exclusively intended for naturist recreation and a special area has been created for this, which is only accessible if you pay for it. Over time this naturist area has become a paradise for swingers. They go to the naturist terrain every summer with tens of thousands at the same time, to celebrate their swingers holiday.

Where is Cap d'Agde?

Cap d'Agde is located in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. By car it is about 7, 5hours from Paris and 30 minutes from Montpellier. It is easily accessible via car, bus, fast train (TGV) and plane.

What makes this place so special?

It contains the largest naturist center in the world with one of the largest nudist beaches in the world. The naturist area of Cap d'Agde is a small village in itself, which you do not have to leave during the entire holiday.
Everything you need, can be found. From supermarkets to hairdressers, from a medical facility to saunas. From restaurants to places of entertainment with various swingerclubs.

There are many thousands of accommodations and a very large naturist campsite. If you want, you can walk around naked just about anywhere day and night (with some exception such as the fitness centers). Many swingers come together in the summer, you can rightly speak of the largest swingers community in the world.

Cap d'Agde for swingers

In the summer a very large swingers community is created here. When many thousands of swingers spend their holidays together on a fenced-in terrain, it quickly becomes very enjoyable. Obviously, public sex is not permitted anywhere, but there are plenty of options and parties where this is possible. Below we list a few.

The naked foam parties

If the weather permits, Le Glamour Beach organizes a foam party every afternoon between 2 and 7 p.m. You don’t have to think about what you will wear for this foam party (also called mousse party), because you can only enter this party, when you are entirely naked. In high season , on average, 250 couples come here every afternoon and are spread over the foam party dance floor, the swimming pool and the lounge area with many beds. Sometimes the numbers are somewhat lower, sometimes higher. In August 2019 we experienced more than 450 couples coming to this event and it can become a little crowded.

If you are a newbie swinger and accidently walk in unprepared, you will probably get a shock. Almost everyone exhibits some form of sexual behavior in public, visible to everyone in broad daylight. A lot of hardcore sex action can be witnessed. And since a large proportion of the visitors to these foam parties are swingers, it is also not uncommon to have sex with another partner or with several other partners. Triosex and group sex are therefore not a unique phenomenon. Costs of this mousse party including wardrobe and excluding drinks are 28 euros per couple. Single men are not allowed.

The naked pool parties

In high season, le Jardin du Babylon organizes a pool party every Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon between 14:00 and 19:00 (exactly the same time as the foamparty). These pool parties are only accessible to couples. The entrance fee is around 20 euros. Officially, no more than 200 couples are allowed to enter.
What you'll find at the pool parties is more or less the same as at the foam parties. Many naked people. Lots of sexing people and anything can happen. There is a large swimming pool, where you can party and where you can have sex.

Sometimes pool parties are also organized in le Jardin d’Eden and they should do this more often during high season. Eden offers much more space and has better facilities. Especially on Wednesdays, Babylone can become too crowded. It is almost not possible to walk around the pool, and sometimes it can take you more than fifteen minutes to order a drink and the same applies to a visit to the toilet.

There may be bigger problems in the world, but if you are having a good time partying and you enjoy drinking a lot, you spend too much time ordering drinks and visiting a toilet. Smuggling drinks inside is not possible, you are (almost) naked and your bags are checked.

Despite some of these disadvantages, a pool party in Cap d’Agde is way better than an average afternoon at work. And of course it is very nice to see naked couples fucking people everywhere. By the way, unlike the mousse party, you don't have to be completely naked, but most people are.

The nude beach of Cap d’Agde

A major attraction of Cap d'Agde is undoubtedly the 2 km long nude beach. By far the largest part of this is a “normal” naturist beach, where normal nudist/ naturist recreation takes place. However, almost at the end of the nude beach, on the left, past the campsite, is an area which is called the swingers beach or pigs beach.

It is not difficult to recognize because almost everyone is lying on top of each other and it is much more crowded. On this nude beach lie many swinger couples together. Officially, sex in public is not allowed here, but it happens on large scale. That is, if you can see anything at all, because when it is really interesting, a lot of people (often single men) gather around it, to have a better look. A lot of them are also masturbating while watching.

Meeting swingers in Cap d’Agde

You can meet a lot of swingers in Cap d’Agde, but by far the smartest option is to make contact beforehand on the huge SDC swingers dating website This way you will already have lots of swingers contacts in advance.
After you arrive, you can quickly meet up in private, in a bar, club or at a party. If you don't do that, you will probably meet some of them at the already mentioned foam party, the pool party and the beach, but in can be a little harder to make contact. In addition to the list above, there are many other places to meet swingers. We will mention some more.

Melrose café

This bar is open every night from 22.00 to 02.00. There are relatively many swingers and there are often real amateur ladies from the audience stripping on the bar, just for fun. Public sex is not allowed here.

Swingers club Le Glamour

This club is open every night from 23:00 to 04:00. Sex is allowed downstairs in the playrooms. But more and more often, we also see sex around the dance floor. It is the best looking swingersclub in the naturist area.

Tantra, swingers lounge club

This place gets crowded a bit later in the night and is open until ± 06.00. Everywhere in the club, public sex is allowed. Single man are welcome too. In Tantra you will find more hardcore action than in Glamour.

Paralia Beach Club

This club is close to the campsite and close to the swingers beach. It attracts many swingers three times a week on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday with good dance music. Please note that public sex will not be tolerated. Party times can fluctuate, but mostly from 18:00 til 22:30.

Swingers sauna Kama Sutra

Open during the day for couples and singles and you can expect a lot people having sex inside. From 21:00, it is only accessible for couples, but it is not clear to us what happens at 21:00 to the singles, who are already inside.

Swingers sauna Le2et2 / Histoires-d'O

Le2et2 in Port Ambonne, is also a good place for sex and swinging during the day and in the evening. Le2et2 is exclusively for couples both during the day and in the evening. Histoires-d'O, is also for singles and both places are connected.

Couples from Le2et2 can enter Histoires-d'O and vice versa through a door with a special electronic device. Singles from Histoires-d'O can’t enter Le2et2, because they don’t have this device.

In 2019 we noticed that the name Le2et2 has been removed from several places, so it could be the whole club will be named Histoires-d'O from now on. In that case, the left entrance is couples only, the right entrance is for singles and couples. Le2et2 is a good sauna / swingers club where many nice people come.

In addition to these well-known swingers nightlife venues, there are plenty of other places to be found. There are many other bars, terraces and clubs where swingers settle during the day and evening.

For much more information about the Cap d'Agde nudists and swingers, we refer to the websites capdagdefaq.com and capdagdeinfo.com