Which people are swingers?

What kind of people like to swing?

Who are swingers and how to recognize swingers?

Those two questions are related to each other, but not the same. Both are also quite difficult to answer, because an average swingerscouple does not exist. On this page we will first try to find some common characteristics/ qualities of swingers and try to find out which people like to swing.

Social status of swingers

Which people are swinging ? Swingers can be found in all ranks and positions of the population. From high to low, from poor to rich, you'll find lifestylers like this everywhere. From builder to pilot, from top civil servant to cleaning lady, we've met them all. What we did notice, however, was that among couples who like wife swapping, we found a relatively large number of entrepreneurs. We didn't do any in-depth research into it, but it was remarkable how many dates we had with people who had their own businesses.

Average Age in the lifestyle

In the lifestyle you will come across people of all ages. From young to old you will encounter. But it can be said that the group 18-20 and the elderly above 65 are less present in this circuit. This is also explainable. The very young people are generally a bit more jealous and don't like to share their partner with someone else. In the case of the somewhat older people, physical disabilities may play a role and reduced sex needs could play a role as well.

Appearance and looks of swingers

Also in terms of appearance you come across all kinds of persons, beautiful, less beautiful, average, not beautiful at all. But of course that is personal and a matter of taste. The same goes for the build of the body as well. Who thought that all swingers look like top models in terms of figure and appearance, is in for a big surprise.

Within the swingers scene you can safely say that the average person is well represented. They can be slim, average, heavy etc. They do have one thing regarding appearance in common though. Swingers spend time and energy on what they look like and take good care of themselves. Of course this is in their best interest. If they look like shit, like wanderers or are not hygienic, they will have a hard time finding a couple who wants to have sex with them. So it does not really matter how you look, as long as you take good care of yourself, you will find other couples, who like to date with you.

Nationality of people who like to swing

Swinging has no geographical boundaries. The best way to spot a lot of international swingers is going on vacation to a swingers resort. And the best place for that is undoubtedly Cap d'Agde in the South of France. In the months June, July and August, every summer tens of thousands of swingers are celebrating their holiday together in the naked city. You will find couples from all continents in this nudist resort. Most people are from Europe and I think we have met couples from every country in Europe during the past 17 years in Cap d’Agde. This is explainable because France is situated in Europa. But also we met a lot of couples from North and South America and Asians couples are well represented there as well. And you will even find couples from Australia and Africa. In short, swingers are all over the planet.

Skin Color in the swinging lifestyle

Knowing that people from all nationalities are swinging you won’t be surprised to hear that persons with all types of skin color can be swingers. In Cap d’Agde we have seen all different skin colors that exist on this planet. We did notice however that the Caucasian color is in the majority. But this does not mean that you won’t find other colors. On the contrary and the last years we were happy to meet more and more of them, which makes it more colorful in many ways.

What do swingers have in common?

What we can tell about people who swing is the following.
People who are swinging are generally people who think very freely and openly about sex. They can see sex without love and don't get nervous when their own partner has sex with someone else, because they know that has nothing to do with their love and feelings they share together. Real swingers can even enjoy seeing their partners having sex with somebody else.

Also swinging people generally are more naughty, more horny and have a higher sexdrive than the average person. That would probably be the major reason, why they started with swinging in the first place, because swingers have a lot of sex with a lot of different sexpartners.

And like mentioned above, swingers are taking care of their appearance, so they look as best as they can possibly look.

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