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Swingers contact and meeting places

Since it is not easy at all, to recognize other swingers during everyday life, it is important swingers have meeting places and online possibilities to make contact with like-minded people. How and where do swingers find each other? Nowadays it is much easier for swingers to get in contact with each other than before. Try not to laugh, when we tell you, how it worked in the past.

Swingers personals offline

In the seventies, eighties, nineties and even after the year 2000, couples were placing sexads or swinger personals in all kind of dubious porno magazines. This way they were hoping to find other swingercouples. This process could take months.

First you had to send your text in a letter to the editors of such a sex magazine. Then you had to pay for this personal somehow, often this was done in cash. It could take weeks or even months before your ad had actually been placed in the next printed magazine, especially in case of a monthly issue. After placement, the editors received the responses that were collected during the next month. Ultimately the responses were sent to the couple, who had paid for the erotic personal. This process was so very cumbersome and by that time your spontaneous swingers sex mood was gone.


Since the invention of the internet, there are much faster opportunities to meet each other and arrange some swinger dates. Until around 2010, there were many swingers who created their own website on the internet, the so called swinger homepages. In most cases, these sites contained some information about the swingers couple and what kind of couples they were looking for. Of course this was accompanied by some erotic photos, sometimes even a swingers video and email contact information.

There were even swingers linking directories that collected all the links to these home pages from swingers. These types of swingers websites are no longer very popular, because this feature has actually been taken over by the communities with swingers dating profile sites (see below for more information about the communities).

Online Swingers personals

A great advantage of the internet was that erotic personals could be placed online now. Instead of waiting for many months to get some reactions, you could have the first reactions within an hour. But to be frankly, nowadays we don’t use that kind of websites anymore. Swingers communities have taken over that function also.

Webcam Chat

Another way to get in touch with swingers, is to meet each other on a webcam chat. With a little imagination you could even say, that this is a new form of soft swinging. A couple having sex in front of the camera with another couple. The partners are having sex with each other and at the same time, they look at the other couple who are also having sex. If both couples like what they see, a swingers date can be arranged in real life.

Swingers Dating Community / Network

Online swingers communities have increased enormously since the year 2000 and the number of members within these communities has exploded. These swingers network sites are somewhat similar to social network sites such as Facebook. Only swingers communities are focused purely on 18+ erotic profiles.

But beware: there are also many fake swingers dating sites which only have fictional profiles. Registration is often free, but sending messages costs money. Within no time you will receive all kinds of messages from beautiful women and beautiful couples, but totally fake and are in fact from the site owners.

Apart from the fake websites, the online swinger communities work very well. You have contact with like-minded people and often you can easily find out if a profile is real by viewing the validations of that couple. An example of a reliable swinger profile site is SDC with 3 million of international members.

Couple clubs

Of course there are also offline ways to get in touch with other swingers. The couple clubs , also known as swingerclubs have been a hit in the lifestyle for decades and will continue to be so for quite some years. Most major clubs are couples only. You pay a fixed amount and for this you can eat, drink and fuck as much as you want. You can have sex in special rooms with your own partner or with other people, if you have managed to hook up with a nice couple or single. The sexual interaction which is happening in swingers clubs can be both soft swap and full swap.

Nevertheless, the popularity of swingers clubs, has declined somewhat in recent years due to the rise of home dating and private swinger parties. A number of clubs had to close their doors and a good number of other clubs nowadays are open for single men as well.

Swingers vacation

The best way to meet many other swingers in a short period is undoubtedly a swingers holiday. Depending on the chosen location and the chosen duration, you can come into contact with tens, hundreds or even thousands of other swingers this way.

The largest gathering of swingers during the holidays is in Europe. We are talking about the swingers resort in Cap d'Agde, in the south of France, where tens of thousands of swingers are coming together every year in summer. And a lot of them also come together in another way during sex parties. Officially it is not a swingers resort but a nudist resort, but in reality it is swingers heaven. You can find more about swinger vacations and Cap d'Agde elsewhere on this website.

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