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Holidays especially for swingers and sexdating

Swinger holidays

A really great way to meet other swingers and have sex with them, is a swinger vacation or swingers holiday. During your stay, you will encounter many other swingers and all couples have plenty of opportunity and time to party.
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Types of swinger vacations

There are different types of swingers vacations. Sometimes, these kind of vacations are being organized in normal accommodations during a takeover. In that case, an accommodation has been rented specifically for this purpose. Such as a normal hotel that serves as a swinger hotel for a week. This is called a swingers takeover, usually done by a specialized travel agency in swingers lifestyle travels.

More common are permanent swingers holiday accommodations or locations, which you can find in various places in the world. This can vary from a small hotel where 4 only couples can check in at once, to a complete village where tens of thousands of people can fit in, like Cap d'Agde in the South of France.

Relatively new is the swingerscruise. The last five years, the demand for swingercruises has increased enormously and is a very nice way of spending your swingers holiday as well.

In most cases, the different types of swingers vacations have in common, that you can also enjoy naturist recreation during your holiday. Many resorts or hotels will be clothing optional. In some cases it is even compulsory, such as at naturist campsites. Luckily most swingers have no problem taking their clothes off in public. As an added benefit you can immediately see, what your potential sex partners look like without clothes.

Most of the times, larger resorts and campsites are not only intended for swingers only. Also some nudists and naturists can be present. In particular at naturist campsites and the aforementioned naturist village, you will encounter some of them. Nudist and naturists like being naked, but they don't want to have any part in public sex or swinging.

Swingers vacation versus swinger date

In everyday life, most swingers can swing only once a month. Often there is only time for this at the weekend. Swinging can take a lot of your time and swingers have other social obligations to family and normal friends too. Therefor swinging activities have to be planned carefully.

Preparing for a swingers date, will probably take you many hours. You want to look at your best. Also a swingers date or private party can continue all night long and takes a lot of time too. The consequence of this is that you go to sleep later and wake up later.

This way a swingers date with preparation and hangover, can often take up the greatest part of your weekend. Not many couples can do this every week. There are plenty of couples, who can only do this only once a month or less. They simply don't have the time to go swinging more often.

A holiday for swingers has many advantages over normal swingers dating and those two can’t be compared to each other. The vacation is a clear winner. For some a swingers holiday is one big continuing swingers sexparty, that starts at the moment they arrive and stops at the moment they go home.

Swingers holiday benefits

During a swinger holiday you have plenty of time for swinging activities. Especially if you go without kids. This is something we strongly recommend anyway, because most places are unsuitable for this or at best debatable. Some holidays are adults only, so you don't have to doubt at all.
When you go on a swingers holiday, it often comes down to the fact that the entire holiday is more or less dominated by sex and swinging. You will have all the time in the world for this and you are not bothered by other social obligations. Many people around you are naked and most of them are swingers too.

There are often swinger meeting places or swingers activities. You can say that 90% of all people who are present there, are swingers themselves. And if you still have doubts about certain couples, just watch them for a while. If you see them flirting publicly or performing sexual acts with other partners or you see them having sex with multiple partners simultaneously, then they are probably swingers.

In any case, it is impossible not to come into contact with other swingers during these vacations. Swingercouples can meet each other at all kind of activities, such as naked foam parties, naked pool parties, theme evenings, dinner evenings, private parties, special club evenings, meet and greets, etc.

This activities are both during the day, and during the evening/ night, so if you want you can party 24/7. Some swingers take it easy and only have to a few dates a week. Others arrive at their holiday destination, take off their clothes, start fucking the first couple they see and continue to do so the rest of their vacation every day and night.

And we can understand why some couples do this. In everyday life they don’t have the opportunity to do this, especially in you live in a country where are little swingerclubs or where swinging is not tolerated at all.

During a swingers holiday, they can party, they have a lot of free time to do so and they are surrounded by numerous likeminded couples.
They can have fun and drink without worries. They don’t have to drive a car, because everything is within walking distance and they don't have to go to work the next day, so it's party time. The benefits compared to a normal swinger date are therefore countless. In particular the enormous amount of potential sex partners around you, that are available all the time, makes the big difference.

The only drawback is that you can show very few vacation photos to those who stay at home. So a party-update via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, is out of the question. Most people will not click the like button, when they see a photo of a naked couple being sexual active on the beach with multiple partners. What we are trying to say, is that you simply can’t share, that you have had the best vacation ever.

More detailed information about swinger holidays

As stated, not all swingers holidays are the same. We will go into detail for two specific vacations.
We will describe what is happening in Cap d'Agde. This is by far the largest swingers holiday destination in the world. And because of the growing popularity of swingercruises, we will dive into this as well on the next pages.

Meanwhile, take a look at the website www.swinger-resorts.com or at the page how to book a swinger vacation for more information and to discover the best swingers holiday destinations.

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