Swingers dating facts

Important aspects about a swinger date

On this page we will dive into a lot of aspects, which are important, if you go swinging and want to make a date with another swingerscouple in advance.

What is a swingersdate ?

A swingers date is an event, where two swingercouples agree to come together. Not for a drink only, in case there is a click between the two couples, there will be sex involved as well. Not with their own partner, but with the partner of the other couple.
On this page we are focusing on blind dates. So two swingers couples, who have not met before in real life.

Determine your boundaries !

If it is the first time for you, it is very important to determine in advance what the boundaries are for your partner and yourself. Your partner may have a very different idea about swinging, than you have. If she doesn't want to go any further than playing with the other man's genitals a bit and she sees her husband fucking the other woman from all sides, then this can lead to jealousy, huge fights or maybe even the end of the relationship.

It is therefore important to talk about this beforehand. Take the time to do this, so that you clearly know from each other, what will be possible and what will be forbidden during your swingers dates. These agreements don’t have to remain the same for the rest of your lives. Practice shows, that the more you swing, the more the agreements change, but make sure that you stay within the agreed rules which apply at that moment.

Where can I meet swingers ?

If all this is clear, the very first step is to arrange another swingers couple with whom you want to meet. On the page swingers contact, we have listed the places where you can meet other swingers. We assume, the search for a swingers date takes place via the internet, via a personals site, a swingers chat site or a swingers community. We will talk on the next page about the best swingers dating site. First we want to point out, what is relevant to know, if you want to meet other swingers.

How to find swingers couples who fits into your search profile ?

The first times, finding a suitable couple is less easy than it seems. The other couple must have about the same wishes as you. It makes no sense to meet with a full swap swingers couple, if you don't want to go all the way. So the expectations of a swingers date must be the same for both couples.

Also in terms of ages, character and appearance, it has to fit. This does not only apply to you, it also applies to the other party. Unlike normal dating, there are now four opinions that matter. All four must be happy with this date. Also make sure, that when you view each other's photos, that these photos are a bit recent and not from 10 years ago.

In case of a home date, it will be convenient if the other couple lives in your area.

Handling fake couples

If you are not 100% sure that you are really dealing with a couple (you have not seen any reviews or validations for this couple), try to have contact by phone or cam beforehand. This way you know, there is a woman involved as well. The number of male fakers pretending to be a couple, is enormous. You don’t want to have a single man knocking at your door, if you are expecting a couple.

Use of alcohol and drugs

Another aspect is the use of alcohol and drugs. If one couple is totally of the planet, caused by drugs or alcohol and the other couple wants to stay completely sober, then this probably won't work out very well either.

Location of the swinger date

The location of the swingers date is important for the evening. This can be done inside or outside, privately or publicly. The location where you meet is truly, very relevant. It can mean the difference between a successful date and a ruined evening. So choose wisely between the locations listed below.

Date in a normal public place

For newbie couples it can be very practical to meet at a normal public location such as a bar, cafe or terrace. There you can take all the time you need, to get to know each other. If there is a click and all four people involved like each other, you can continue the date at home. If you do not like the other couple, it's easy to break up.

Date in a sauna

Again, you are in a public location and you are not dependent on each other. Another great advantage is that you can immediately see what the other couple looks like without clothes. Starting an evening in the sauna can be very relaxing but also erotic and stimulating. You see the other couple naked or in a bathing suit (depending on the type of sauna you are in). If there is a click between you, the date can be continued at home.

Date in a swingers club

In swingers clubs a lot of swinger dates take place. This is a good spot for swingers dating, because there are many like-minded people here. A date in a swingerclub has big advantages.

Firstly, if you agree to meet in a swinger club that only allows couples, you do not have to worry about the fact, that you actually might have a date with a single male instead of a couple, because he can’t enter the club as single.

Secondly swingers clubs have an erotic atmosphere. There are many good looking couples who wear lingerie. Porn movies are being shown. Often you see some sexual acts on the dance floor and when you walk around, you’ll see everything you normally see in a porn movie, now happening in real life. So there are enough erotic ingredients to get you into a naughty mood.

Third, if it clicks between you and your date, you are in the right place to have fun. In a swingers club are many facilities available, to have sex with the four of you together.

Fourth If it doesn't click, you can easily split up without very awkward moments. Besides that, you'll also have the chance to meet plenty of other nice couples you like in the club, so the evening can still be very successful with another couple, even if you date did not work out.

Swingers home date between two couples

We think this is the most common form of swingers dating. It is estimated that thousands of swingers' home dates take place every weekend. The location of the date is at one of the two couples' home, where they live. This usually creates a very intimate atmosphere.

How such an evening goes, will vary with each date, often it begins the same as when you would be visiting normal friends. You start on the couch first, talking about all kind of topics. The only difference is that you are probably dressed differently, a bit more sexy.

Unfortunately It can quickly become clear that you are not each other's types, then you have a problem. You need to say this as soon as possible. If the date would have taken place in a swingers club, you could have said, “we're going for a walk” and never come back. But that is no option now. In short, if there is no click, this is quite confronting. So you have to explicitly reject them and leave, or in case they are visiting you, you have to get rid of them as discretely as possible.

In case there is a click, it is difficult to describe exactly how the evening develops. The evening can continue on the couch for a long time. It can be even quite difficult to switch from chitchatting to having sex. Unexperienced swingers in particular often have difficulty with this. An erotic game or erotic assignments can do wonders. More experienced swingers have less problems with this. They know what they want and if it takes too long, they will make some moves.

It is also possible to use (a lot of) alcohol, xtc or other party drugs. this way the atmosphere quickly becomes much looser. But no matter how the evening starts and progresses If there is a click, in many cases it will ultimately lead to sex where both couples exchange sexpartners.

Private swingers party with multiple couples

The so-called private swingers parties where several couples are invited, are popular amongst many swingers. Often, the location is the home of the swingers’ couple, who is also the organizer of the party. There is no blueprint for the course of an average swingers party evening. There are many variables.

- How many couples will be present? This can vary from 3 to 25 couples or even more.
- Will there also be male singles?
- Are drugs allowed ?
- What is the dress code? Party clothes, lingerie or completely naked?

In short, swinger parties can vary a lot. In general we can say that this is not a place for novice swingers and not for people who do not like full swap, or couples who are not very active.

Regardless of the variables, eventually it will turn into a big sexparty. Most of the times there will be no direct partner swap between two specific couples. Often both partners are having sex with “random” people which are not in a relationship together. It is more difficult to arrange a swingers date at such parties beforehand. It is not impossible but more complex because there is a crowd. It is not impossible but more complex

If there are many swingers couples, the sexual contact will usually not be limited to just one sex partner. There is a good chance that you will fuck with several different partners. The chances, that at some point, you are busy with multiple sex partners at the same time, is pretty big.

In short, such a party can look a lot like a large group sex party or sex orgy, especially at parties where many couples are present. But in our experience sometimes less is better. We have visited private parties with over 60 couples, the atmosphere can be compared to a swingersclub. Very nice of course, but less intimate than a smaller private party.

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