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What is a swingerclub and where can I find swingersclubs?

A swingerclub, also known as a couple’s club, is an accommodation where swingers can meet each other. That can happen on the dance floor, at the bar, in the sauna (if there is one) or in the erotic play rooms and can range from an innocent conversation to having sex in the club, with the couple(s) you have just met. A good club is a very suitable place to go out and meet swingers.

Differences between swingerclubs

It is good to realize that there are major differences between the various swinger clubs in the world. There are many different aspects to keep in mind. We will name the most important on this page.

What is included in the entrance fee?

In some countries in Europe, like in the Netherlands and Belgium, most of the clubs are all inclusive. You pay one fee and you can drink and eat whatever you want during your stay. In lots of other clubs in the world, the admission fee only brings you inside the club and you’ll have to pay for all your consumptions.

What kind of services do they offer?

Some very small clubs in some countries are nothing more than a very little (sometimes even uncomfortable) place, where you can have a drink and have sex on some mattresses which are lying on the floor. This does not have to be a problem. The entrance fee is usually low and as long as you know what you can expect inside, it can still be a great place to meet other swingers and have sex with nice couples.
However the best clubs in the world offer a lot more. There could be a cozy bar, a dance floor, a deejay, a locker room, a sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. And of course, very beautifully decorated play areas where you can have sex with your partner, or with someone else.

Dress code

What is the dress code? Do you have to wear some sexy outfit, or can you go in “normal” clothes, or maybe they except you to be naked.

Are singles allowed in a swingerclub?

Some clubs are couples only and are truly couples clubs. Other swingerclubs are also open for singles. This can vary depending on the day of the week. If you like singles, this could be a good thing, but there can also be too many singles. How many singles are allowed and in what kind of proportion, depends on the policy of the club.

Amount of couples

There may also be major differences in the number of couples present in a swingerclub. In some clubs you will find more than 200 other couples, in small clubs this can be a handful. Sometimes less is better. It could be more intimate and there will be less competition, but if there are only a few couples, it can be difficult to find a couple you like.

Average age in a swingersclub

The average age in a swingerclub can be a very important factor. A few years ago, we visited a club, where the average age was 60 plus. We could not find any young couple. No problem, if you yourselves are around that age, but if you are around 30 years old, you probably won't have a very nice evening in such a club. So we left very early.

Square meters

The size of the accommodation also varies greatly, from a small bar to a very large complex with many different areas. Sometimes an accommodation in some countries is no more than 100 square meters or even less. Other clubs can be huge up to thousands of square meters. Again, bigger is not always necessarily better, small clubs can have a very pleasant atmosphere where it is easy to connect with all the other couples very quickly. So how big the swingerclub is, doesn't have to be a measure of the amount of fun, you will have during the evening.

Price of a swingersclub

Finally, prices also vary widely. This can range from 20 to 150 euros per couple. However, in the latter case, you will also receive significantly more in return, in the form of better food, wellness, included alcoholic drinks, more square meters of club and more visitors.

What do all clubs have in common?

Swingerclubs are adults only. Depending on where you live, you can only enter when you are 18 years or older. In some countries this could even be 21. Also all swingerclubs are erotic establishments, where you can have sex with your partner or have sex with another couple.

Swingerclubs in 2020

The couple clubs have lost some of their shine and popularity compared to one decade ago. Inside it is less crowded than before. Some swingerclubs are starting to look more like an erotic dance club with less sex in the playrooms. About 10 years ago, it could be a struggle to find a place in the erotic areas, where you could fuck quietly. Nowadays, most of the times there will be space enough.

Of course not every club has a problem with less visitors, but we are talking about the general trend. This is not because there are less swingers in the world. On the contrary, swinging is becoming more popular every day. The many private swinger parties are to blame for less people in the swingersclubs. Lots of swinger gather together in private homes every weekend and have fun there.

But a swingers club will always remain a very good choice for swinger dating and to spontaneously meet other swingers. It is a very pleasant form of entertainment, which is also relatively cheap. You will have a very nice evening, see a lot of action and you will meet many likeminded people.

Best swingers club

One of the best swingerclubs in the world is located in the Netherlands and is called fun4two. It already exists for many decades and attracts couples from all over the world. Many couples travel to fun4two to experience an evening in this club. Therefor you will find local couples and many international couples as well.

Fun4two is a club, which has a lot to offer. For a Saturday evening experience, you pay around 125 euros. For that price you have a free parking space and free locker space for your clothes and belongings. You can have free dinner, free drinks during the whole night (including alcoholic drinks), make use of the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the dancefloor and the great number of erotic playrooms. If you had a lot of sex and you are hungry again, you can visit the restaurant again and again.

In short you can eat, drink and fuck, as many times as you want. We think that is a very good deal for 125 euros. On Friday and Sunday, it is even cheaper. More information about fun4two and every other swingerclub in the world plus where you can find swinger clubs worldwide will be listed on this site soon. If you want to visit the fun4two page click here. (links will be available later this month).

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