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This site contains lots of information for swingers, made by swingers who have been around in the swinger lifestyle for almost 20 years. No we aren’t that old, we started when we were very young.

With swingers we mean swingercouples, who like to exchange partners for sexual activities. This could happen on a date between two couples or there could be many more couples involved.

For singles this site will be interesting and handy too, because it gives lots of tips for singles, how to party along with the couples. Although singles don't have a partner to share, a growing majority of the swinger couples is looking for a third person. And this person does not have to be a single woman all the time (like it was in the past). Lately single men are becoming more and more popular as third partner in the bedroom too. Also they are invited to swingers parties more and more, because it could be very helpful to have some extra dicks around the place. Especially for the women who are not satisfied so easily or like to have sex with more than one partner at the same time.

Last remark before we start: We like to name the sexual activities in a way that anybody can understand, so we don't speak about penetration or fellatio, but we use the more common words like fuck, blowjob, etc.

Below you will encounter a brief introduction of some topics on this website. A complete list of all topics, can be found in the upper menu underneath the link sitemap.

What does swinging mean and what do swinger do ?

A very simple definition of swinging is: A couple who has sex with another couple.
All people involved consent in this. So there is no forcing or compulsion involved. All four people of the group agree to have sex with each other, and the male and female of the couples are swapped for sexual activities. In short the female of couple1 is having sex with the male of couple2 and the male of couple1 is doing the same thing with the female of couple2. This sexual interaction can have many different forms and can be as “innocent” as touching the intimate parts. But most of the time swingers like to go full swap or even more.
Definition of swingers

What different types of swinging are there ?

We distinguish the following types of swinging:
- Soft swap
- Full swap
- Trio sex
- Multiple swapping during group sex and orgy sex
- Gangbang
- Solo sexdates without your partner
Types of swinging

What is wife swapping/ partner swapping ?

Wifeswapping is a word, which is still used frequently on a lot websites about swinging. Wife swapping refers to the swinging lifestyle, but is actually not such a good word in our opinion, because the men are being swapped as well, so better call it partner swapping or sexpartner swapping instead. Because that is what is actually happening. All persons involved exchange their partner to have sex with the partner of someone else.
Wife Swapping

What kind of people swing ?

Swingers look just like normal people and you will find them in all walks of life. From cleaning lady to top civil servants, from poor to rich, you'll find people who are interested in the swinging lifestyle anywhere. Also in the lifestyle you will also come across people of all ages. Even people older than 70 are no exception.
Which people swing ?

How to recognize swingers ?

The fast majority of people who love to swing, don’t walk around with t-shirts saying: “we are swingers” or “we love fucking other couples”. In general they keep this a secret to everyone, even to their best friends, unless they are swingers too. So how can you recognize other swingers in everyday life ?
How to recognize swingers ?

How do swingers contact each other?

Nowadays there are lots of possibilities to find other swingers real quickly. In the past this was a lot more complicated. But in this age with fast internet, mobile phones and handy apps it is easy to meet other swingers, even if you want a swingersdate tonight. Swinger dating can be done, by using swingersites, sex contact ads and swingers apps. But also without digital help it is still possible to contact other swingers, if you go the right places, like swingerclubs and swinger resorts.
Swingers contact

How does a swingers date work?

Swingers dating is a pre-arranged date between two (or more) swingercouples. In most cases, this will be a blind date between two couples, who have not met before. We will dive into all aspects around such a date such as: how to make a successful date, where do you meet and how do you suddenly change the evening from social chitchatting into full swap sexual activities.
Swingers dating

Swingers community / swingers social media

How nice would it be, if there were some kind of Facebook website for swingers. Well we have good news, because it already exists since 1998, way before Facebook was launched itself. We are talking about a swingers network with more than three million members. Instead of photos and videos of your cat, you can expect pictures of another kind of pussy. It is probably one of the largest amateur sex site in the world and certainly the largest swingers dating site with real members.
SDC Swinger Dating

What happens in a swingersclub ?

A swingerclub is a place where many swingers come together, mostly in the evenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are a lot of clubs which are only accessible for swingercouples, but many clubs allow singles too (sometimes on certain days only). In general couples go to clubs to have sex with other swingers. We will describe in detail, how an evening in a swingerclubs may look like.

What is a swingers vacation ?

Swingers holidays can be really spectacular. Why should you limit yourselves to swinging in the weekend once a month, while you can do as much partner swapping as you can handle, during an entire vacation in a swinger resort. In such a resort you will meet tens, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of other swingers, who are there for the same reason as you are.
Swingers Vacation

What is so special about Cap d’Agde ?

The naturist area of Cap d’Agde in the south of France, is probably the biggest naturist resort in the world. This nudist terrain also has one of the largest official nude beaches. In the course of the years, this nudist village has transformed to the greatest swingers resort on this planet. There is no place where you can find more swingers together, as you’ll find in Cap d’Agde at summertime and they certainly know how to throw a sexparty.
Cap d'Agde

Where can I book a swingers holiday ?

If you would like to make a booking to Cap d’ Agde or any other resort, then we can help you out. We made a big list of swingers resorts and swinger vacation locations. Most of the time you can book this online yourself. This means without the use of a travel agency, which takes a lot of your money, while in most cases they contribute little or nothing.
Book a swinger vacation

Swingers sites

We collected a lot of good websites about swinging for you. These sites all have useful information, or are specialists when it comes to swingers dating. If you have good experiences about a particular site yourself, let us know and we can add them to our list. This way the quality of will become better and better and that will be helpful to anyone who likes to swing or wants to start in this great lifestyle.
Good swinger sites

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