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On this page, you will find good swinger sites. If you know some other good quality websites for swingers, please contact us through the contact page and we will review them.

SDC Swingers

SDC stands for swingers dating club. It is the largest international swingers site in the world and has millions of members.
The site is not free, but you can become a free trial member first. When you are becoming a paid member for about 12 months, you will get an offer, to get a lifetime membership for a very good price. And then you'll never have to pay again. It is a very interesting site and easy to get in touch with others.
We have been a member for almost 20 years and it has given us hundreds of dates and lots of sex pleasure. In our opinion highly recommended.
SDC Swingers Dating Club


Swinger-resorts.com gives an overview and elaborate description of the best resorts where you can spend your swingers holiday. All swingers holiday destinations can be booked directly online.


Spicymatch is a relatively new swingers dating site, which has been able to recruit many new international swingers in a short time. We believe it is a fresh new player on the market. They do a lot of international promotion and can be found at many parties. In Cap d'Agde, for example, these are the people who are often the sponsors behind the sex foam parties and they are also frequently found in other resorts.
Spicymatch Swinger Dating


Capdageinfo is a interesting, informative website for the people who are planning to spend their holidays in the nudist resort and swingers paradise Cap d'Agde. With a lot of inside information about how things are going in this swingers paradise.
Capdagde Info


Another very interesting and elaborate website about Cap d’Agde with hundreds of frequently asked questions about naturism, nudism and of course swinging in Cap d’Agde. This website is updated frequently with the latest news.
Capdagde FAQ

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